Ecology and Management of Ambrosia Beetles

These exotic beetles are one of the most damaging pests of trees grown in nurseries.  Our goal is to understand more about their biology and host preference to improve management. Read more…

Biological Control of Arthropod Pests In Greenhouses

Biological control can be used to reduce pest abundance and damage in greenhouse crops but efficacy can be inconsistent .  Our goal is to increase reliability and adoption of biological control by understanding the ecology of interactions between plants, pests, and natural enemies.  Banker Plant Systems have been a primary focus of our biological control research.

Ecology and Management of Urban Tree Pests

Urban forests provide numerous benefits for the environment and residents of urban areas.  Arthropod pests tend to be more abundant and damaging on urban trees compared to trees in rural or natural areas.  Arthropod pests and other urban stress reduce tree health and the ecosystem services they provide such as carbon sequestration, pollution reduction, and temperature reduction.


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