Peer Reviewed Publications (* = undergraduate advisee; † = graduate student)

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Dale†, A.G. and Frank, S.D. 2014. Urban warming trumps herbivore enemies. Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 95:252–256. * This is a photo gallery of gloomy scales and infested trees that were studied in the paper above. PDF

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Prado, S.G. and Frank, S.D. In press. Compact plants reduce biological control of Myzus persicae by Aphidius colemani. Biological Control PDF

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Books and Book Chapters

Frank, S.D., Klingeman, W.E., Fulcher, A., White, S.  2012. Maple (Acer spp.). In IPM for Common Deciduous Trees in Southeaster US Nursery Production. Fulcher, A., S. White, S. Frank, F. Hale, W. Klingeman III,  Eds. Southern Region IPM Center, Raleigh, NC. Print and Electronic.

Adkins, C., Frank, S.D., Ward, N., Fulcher, A.  2012. Birch (Betula spp.) In IPM for Common Deciduous Trees in Southeaster US Nursery Production. Fulcher, A., S. White, S. Frank, F. Hale, W. Klingeman III, Eds. Southern Region IPM Center, Raleigh, NC. Print and Electronic. .

Eric J. Rebek, Steven D. Frank, Tom A. Royer and Carlos E. Bográn (2012). Alternatives to Chemical Control of Insect Pests, Insecticides – Basic and Other Applications, Sonia Soloneski and Marcelo Larramendy (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-51-0007-2, InTech,  Available from:


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