IPM Webinar

Next Webinar “Insect and Disease Pests of Fall Greenhouse Crops” Presented by: Drs. Kelly Ivors, Department of Plant Pathology, and Steve Frank, Department of Entomology, North Carolina State University – July12th at 11:00 am


The National IPM Webinar series is coordinated by Kelly Ivors and Steve Frank in the departments of Plant Pathology and Entomology at North Carolina State University. The webinar series is designed to provide timely information to the green industry through monthly seminars on the production and maintenance of ornamental plants.  We invite extension specialists from around the county to speak on topics important to the nursery greenhouse, and landscape industry with particular emphasis on issues relevant to the Southeast.  This provides an opportunity for green industry professionals to learn in-depth information from the specialists conducting research on a particular pest or horticultural issue.

The webinars are live presentations in which the presenter speaks while showing power point slides on screen.  The webinars last about 40 minutes then audience members can ask questions.  The webinars are presented on a level that is instructive to growers, extension agents, and even specialists that need to learn about a particular topic.  Since just one topic is covered, specialists have the time to cover topics more thoroughly than in other extension outlets.  In addition, since the presenters are active researchers, the audience may hear about efficacy data or other management information that is not published and thus would not be available to specialists who normally give presentations in their state.

How to Participate

Webinars are typically scheduled for the first Thursday of each month starting at 11 am EST.  Announcements are sent out via a listserve.  This is not a discussion list. It is only used to send out information about the webinar series.  You can sign up for the list serve by going to http://go.ncsu.edu/IPM_webinar_signup.

To participate in a webinar click on the link sent out via the list serve.  You will be able to enter the session starting at 10 am EST on the day it occurs but the actual webinar will not start until 11 am EST.  You do not need any special software just an up-to-date browser and internet connection.  In order to test that your system requirements are acceptable, visit the Configuration Room linked on http://go.ncsu.edu/elluminate_config.

Archived Presentations

You can view previous presentations by clicking on links on our IPM Webinar Archives page.


The IPM Webinar Series received initial sponsorship from many state organizations including:

.            Alabama Nursery and Landscape Association

.            Louisiana Nursery and Landscape Association

.            North Carolina Nursery and Landscape Association

.            North Carolina Commercial Flower Growers Association

.            Northeast Texas Nursery Growers Association

.            South Carolina Greenhouse Growers Association

.            South Carolina Nursery & Landscape Association

.            Southeast Texas Nursery Growers Association

.            Texas Nursery and Landscape Association

.            The Tennessee Nursery and Landscape Association

.            Virginia Flower Growers Association


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