Extension Resources

IPMPro App for iPhone and Android

A tour de force of nursery and landscape pest management, IPMPro mobile device app. will streamline your pest management decision-making, employee training, and make complying with state pesticide recordkeeping regulations easy!

Insect notes

Insect notes summarize the biology and management of arthropod pests important to ornamental greenhouse, nursery, or landscape systems.

Pest news

Brief, weekly updates on arthropod activity provided by email April to September.


Adkins, C.R., S.K. Braman, M.R. Chappell, J.-H. Chong, J.F. Derr, W.C. Dunwell, S.D. Frank, A.F. Fulcher, F.A. Hale, W.E. Klingeman, G.W. Knox, A.V. LeBude, M.L. Paret, J.C. Neal, J.R. Sidebottom, N.A. Ward, S.A. White, J. L. Williams-Woodward, and A.S. Windham. 2012. IPM for Select Deciduous Trees in Southeastern US Nursery Production. Fulcher, AF, SA White, Eds. Knoxville, TN: Southern Nursery IPM Working Group. Print and Electronic PDF, or iBook.

Industry publications

Articles on arthropod management in regional and national publications targeting the greenhouse, nursery, or landscape industries.

Popular press

Articles in electronic and print media for the general public.

ecoIPM on YouTube!

Short videos showing pests and management practices.


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