Euonymus scale

Somehow I got this far in the season without posting anything about euonymus scale.

Euonymus scale

Euonymus scale on a heavily infested leaf. Photo S.D. Frank

Maybe because this is the first year I have not been conducting research on it or writing papers about it. Euonymus scale has three generations per year in North Carolina the first of which occurs around May. It is best to treat euonymus (or any) scale in the crawler stage. So if you forgot in the spring or didn’t get sufficient control (or were waiting for an alert from me) you still have a chance. Crawlers are active at sites on campus and in Raleigh neighborhoods. In the first generation crawlers come out all at once but become less synchronized in second and third generations. Thus you may find all developmental stages present at this time. There are a number of products that can be used to treat armored scale. You can read an article in Nursery Management about scale control here. Our research (published here) has found neonicotinoids Safari, Flagship, and TriStar to be very effective and also plant growth regulators Distance and Talus. Note that imidacloprid is not labeled for, or effective against, armored scale. Please check the updated insect note for recommendations


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