Rose aphids

This week I found a lot of aphids on some rose bushes near my house in Raleigh. I have not yet determined whether they are rose aphids, Macrosiphum rosae, but it doesn’t matter a lot to folks managing them. Roses can also be infested by green peach aphids, Myzus persicae. Most times I find rose aphids in small groups or individually on the underside of leaves. You can find this on almost any bush you stop long enough to inspect. Sometimes though they become abundant covering buds and even flowers. Rose aphids infest Knockout roses, climbing roses, and regular old roses (I am not a rose expert). In

Rose aphids. Photo: SD Frank

Rose aphids. Photo: SD Frank

many cases the aphids are localized on a couple of growing tips or buds that can be pruned off. If this get worse aphids can be managed with horticultural soaps or oils. A number of different insecticides are listed in the aphid insect note. Keep in mind that most foliar insecticides including neonicotinoids cannot be applied to plants in bloom. Since many roses bloom continually it may be almost impossible to find a time to apply them.



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