Leaf cutter bee update

Unpollinated zucchini shriveling on the vine. Photo: S.D. Frank

I mentioned yesterday that leaf cutters were important pollinators and that I was having pollination trouble in my small suburban garden.  There are not many flowering plants in the neighborhood although I am adding as many as I can.  So I attached a picture of the small shriveled zucchini I get which I understand from an extension agent are ones that did not get pollinated.  I am also adding a picture of a leaf cutter be in a zucchini flower that I took this morning.  caveat: I think it is a leaf cutter. You can see as much as I can and when it left the flower it left in a hurry.  It is a bee though.

Leaf cutter(?) bee in zucchini flower. Photo: S.D. Frank


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