Euonymus scale crawlers are back!

On my way to work today I found a great infestation of euonymus scale on my friend’s

White male euonymus scales and tiny orange crawlers. Photo: S.D. Frank

hedge.  Euonymus scale has 3-4 generations per year in NC and this year I would bet on four since they got an earlier than usual start.  Regardless crawlers are active now which makes it a great time to treat.  But be careful, we have found many species of predators and parasitoids actively feeding on euonymus scale the lacewing larva in this video.  In addition, pyrethroid insecticides can cause significant harm to these predators which allows scale and other pests to live predator free.  Remember, scales live inside water-proof wax covers that protect them from contact insecticides.  Predators and parasitoids do not. For more information and management suggestions check here.


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