Thrips in greenhouses: early and abundant

Many growers are experiencing thrips abundance and damage that is greater and earlier than usual.  This is likely because we had a mild winter and most plants and plant pests are ahead of schedule this year.  To get thrips under control will likely take 3 applications of insecticide 5-7 days apart.  This initial round of applications could be done with a single chemical but rotate to a new chemical with new mode of action for subsequent applications. Since many plants are starting to bloom we have several chemicals that are generally not phytotoxic to foliage or flowers though mixing chemicals (insecticides, fungicides, etc) or addition of adjuvants can have unexpected phototoxic results.  Consider a rotation that includes Conserve (spinosad; label indicates potential spotting on African violets), Avid (abamectin; label indicates potential phytotoxicity on Adiantum ferns and Shasta daisy), Flagship (thiamethoxam), and/or bifenthrin.  Complete list of chemicals can be found here.


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