Cankerworms continue….

Cankerworms continue to attract interest and disdain from citizens of NC.  I have gotten a lot of calls about what to do about these.  So before folks do something rash I will provide some more information on their biology and management. You will be pleased to know the cankerworms are almost done. They only feed for about 5 weeks after egg hatch and we are closing in on that now.  So pesticide applications or other measures are useless at this point. These critters pupate in cocoons under the trees in which they were feeding. The adults are wingless and climb back up this trees to lay eggs in the fall or spring depending on the flavor of canker worm (there are always both present).  Thus, trees Imagewith lots this year will have lots next year.  The best way to protect your tree is to put a cloth band around it in the fall that is covered in tanglefoot thick sticky goop used to trap insects, google it). This way when the adults climb up to lay eggs they get trapped and die.  Soooo…don’t worry about your trees they can handle it this year but if you want to prevent a repeat get some tanglefoot and put it out in late october.  


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